21 April 2017


Judith came over two days ago for a LONG awaited play date. She had gone to an auction and won a bid on lace making things. This was in the lot and we can only guess what is was used for. If you think you know or want to make a guess, leave a comment.

Like real scientist (haha) we rolled some pieces of printer paper. If we were REAL researcher we would have tried cloth or even damp cloth.

Can you guess?

19 April 2017

And here is another surprise giveaway for all those who are reading this post

The winner will be announced on the 28th.

17 April 2017

From Georgia with love

Here are the three embroidered silk and wool landscapes

14 April 2017

Free DMTV workshop

The Kemshalls have released a new free video workshop. This is one I loved and as a matter of fact I made the heart and posted about it. Here is the old post and here is the link to the free video workshop

12 April 2017

Two more Sunrise landscapes

If you are interested in my silk landscapes, I have 2 more "Sunrise" landscapes available framed and ready to go.

10 April 2017

A gift from a friend

This is the kind of friend you love having. She was purging and when it came to these inks she thought of me. Lucky me. Such really nice inks too.

Red, turquoise blue, blue/black , black and yellow. Be still my heart

07 April 2017

and the outcome

As usual during the "making" many changes were made.

This was the "original" sky. I later replaced the yellow with my "flaming"orange sky.

I also replaced the shibori dyed foreground with more interesting fabrics and embroidery 

Definitely more interesting and colorful 

The multiple mountains in the distance

The entire piece

This photo of the piece matted is a bit dark so I like the previous photo better. It is now happily living on a wall in Georgia with two of the smaller landscapes on either side of it it.

05 April 2017

Making a decision ​

Well, this sky dilemma has certainly made me dig deeply in my bag of techniques to find a solution. Remember the painted fusible web?

I ironed it on to a soft piece of rayon lawn hoping for a softer hand. No luck. It was a stiff as a board. No needle would go happily through that surface plus 

I wasn't that fond of the visual impact. A bit to harsh for the lush landscape I am aiming to create.

Next I tried some silk chiffon painted with thinned down Dye-Na-Flo paints. I laid them out wet with ridges in them to get the paint to dry in streaks.

Success. This was the soft sky I was looking for PLUS the painted edges had wicked some paint so I had a thin line of darker color on the edges. You can really see that on the lavender piece.

I used the really large piece of indigo dyed silk chiffon for the multiple layers of mountains starting with light ones in the background to darker in the foreground.

Then I inserted some LWI acid dyed chiffon in dark green for trees and a shibori dyed piece of silk chiffon for the grasses in the foreground.

Right now it looks like a bunch of scraps of fabric but the Madeira Lana wool thread will bring this piece to life. Now I need to start!!!!

03 April 2017

Trying to make a sunset sky

I have a commission to make a sunset landscape. I went online looking for an inspiration. I liked this one and set about trying to paint the sky with Dye-Na-Flow fabric paints.

I tried Rayon, Rayon lawn, Polyester shantung, haboti. and two different weight cottons. 

What I ended up doing was wasting a lot of paint

Way too much wicking and even without the wicking I wasn't getting the soft colors I was trying to achieve.

Stopped before I wasted even more paint on this one

Then I tried some painted fusible web. I'll iron this on various colors and white and see how it shakes out.

Options I am considering are using acrylic on canvas or heavy cotton OR perhaps a watercolor with fusible on the back to sturdy it up to accept some stitches. We'll see.
Back to the drawing board