09 June 2014


I just signed up for Terry Jarrard-Dimond' s "Design Bootcamp" at the crow barn September 22-26. It will mean moving my trip to the Netherlands into the future by two weeks but it is such a great opportunity and what is two weeks in the light of all eternity.

Here is the description:

The elements and principles of design are guidelines utilized by artists to structure their concepts and bring them from the world of imagination into the physical world. These elements and principles are also applied when evaluating work. In this workshop you will explore the key elements and principles of design, what they bring to your work and how they work together to support your concepts. You will explore with exercises using cut paper, sketches, wire, stitching, painting and constructed fabric compositions. Sewing techniques will include piecing and applique. This week will be a mini-semester in design. There will be both individual and group discussions and observation of the work you create. This workshop is suitable for all beginners and intermediate students or anyone who wants to refresh their design skills.

Also presenting there that week will be Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan. You can bet I will "pop" into their classroom and introduce myself.


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a great time! Enjoy, and can't wait to read all about it!

  2. It looks like the perfect match for you...It is in Ohio?

  3. When are youn coming to the Netherlands? Always welkom in my home

  4. That sounds great! Please let me know when you will be in the Netherlands, because we have plans for a holiday in Italy in October. I will be very sad if we will miss each other!

  5. What an incredible opportunity. Now that I've checked out her art, I can see why you'd be willing to change plans to participate. I can't wait to hear about it.

  6. I am excited that you are taking another workshop and that we get to see you again!


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