14 March 2013


I hope you remember the solvent transfer I made on my soft, soft linen.

 I have been stitching back into it and using couched sari yarn for the heavier lines. I wanted to use black sari yarn but had none. It FINALLY came today so I will use it sparingly as well as using the dark colored heavy weight sari yarn already on the piece.

Entire piece

You can actually see the twisted fabric on the top piece of yarn

For those who don't know, sari yarn is yarn twisted from strips of sari (India dress) scrapes. It comes in various thicknesses, multi and solid colors. If you are lucky, you can "un-twist" the yarn for small snippets of cloth to add to a piece.

Black sari yarn - very thin

Multi-colored sari yarn both thick (upper left) and thin (bottom)


Gill said...

This is fabulous Beth!
I've never come across sari yarn only sari ribbon!

marjolijn said...

Beautiful that sari ribbon. And a lovely delicate embroidery.

Anna said...

I love the contrast of the muted and bright colours and interesting to read about sari ribbon.

Dea said...

What a lovely piece and beautiful sari yarn.