09 December 2016

Finished needling felting project

This is the finished piece. I love adding embroidery since stitching into wool is like stitching into air. SO EASY!. On the upper right is some ribbon that wasn't very successful or I would have taken a close-up.

On this one I couched the Sari yarn after breaking a needle trying to felt it.

This is the felted Sari yarn that broke my needle

This one has a Shisha mirror in the center

French knots

Curly roving

Stitched with wool thread

07 December 2016

The Technique

This is a Janome Needle Felting Machine. I bought this when they first came out and were much cheaper than they are now. Sometimes they are referred to as Embellishers.

It came with a brace of 5 needles. These are not replaceable if broken. I broke one of the five a while ago and just decided to use the four. While making this piece I broke a second needle so I'm down to three. You CAN buy another brace which has replaceable needle but it costs $50.00. I don't use this enough to warrant buying a new brace of needles. As you can see each needle has it's own hole. It looks like a sewing machine but there is no thread and no bobbin. Where a bobbin would normally be is a small catchment for fibers that are broken loose during the felting process.

The "finger guard" is in place. I can't imagine running 5 barbed needles through my finger. OUCH!

I placed a bit of roving on the wool batting and started to felt. You start the machine then move the wool backing (batting). You never stop the machine either with the needles in the down position or on the backing (batting). I run the backing (batting)  right out from under MOVING needles.

Here is the piece after needle felting. I also used ribbon. Friday I will show the piece finished.

05 December 2016

Machine Needle Felting

I will be showing four different techniques during December. I tried to think of something interesting but if nothing else, it will be colorful.

I'd like to start with machine needle felting. Today I will show you the materials I will be using.

This is a small piece of 100% wool quilt batting. I dyed it with acid dyes

Now you will really hate me. I bought over 50 balls of roving plus a bag of silk roving from a woman in Florida for about $50.00. I know.

These are the bags that I will be using. The silk roving is in the lower left bag.

I used both the fuzzy fibers as well as the curly ones.

I felted with Sari yarn and ended up breaking a needle. I decided to couch it after that

This some really beautiful limey olive roving.

Tomorrow I will talk about the process.

01 December 2016

In the meantime.....

In the meantime, how about a giveaway?

Journal it!

Winner picked Dec 8th

30 November 2016

In time for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas giving ( or yourself)

Tropical Forrest
12 X 12 in Frame 20 X 20


 Time 1
29 W X 36 H framed

29 November 2016

Quilt done

Pinned and waiting to be tacked while Betsey holds it by the rod in the hanging sleeve. Hello wall!!

28 November 2016

Revisiting Betsey's crazy quilt

Remember Betsey's crazy quilt? These were blocks she made in NY over 10 years ago before she moved to Maine. I DID sew it together with the fabric she had brought with her from NY for that purpose. The fabric was a bit shiny and shifty like crepe. Not an appropriate fabric to sash and bind a quilt. It was SO shifty it just wouldn't behave. I sewed the seams fell flat and still it shifted. I finally took the entire thing apart, yes, even with fell flat seams. She took the squares home after I suggested we just sew all the blocks together like a traditional crazy quilt. It looks much better. She is purchasing COTTON fabric and I will back and bind it. Meanwhile this is what the quilt looks like so far.

It is hard to photograph so this is a partial picture. When it is entirely finished I will photograph it being held so you can see it all.

I like it with all the blocks stitched together. Good job Betsey!!