16 August 2017

My final answer (I think??)

Here are the last two I am working on before the Maine Event in September. I will be doing some projects in preparation for the event and I will share those with you. Maybe next year you will come to Paradise (Searsport, Maine) and take advantage of 3 days of workshops on the beautiful coast of Maine with me and some amazing women.

The consensus was that this one was to have the foreground in a vertical position

This is one foreground no one has seen so far. I just like the colors and the look in general. What do you think and why?

Looking at it again I think the horizon looks "skimpy" Maybe some more grass and wheat instead of that band of purple with nothing on it. More thinking required for this one.

14 August 2017

No (Wo)man is an island

I have never wanted an island in my kitchen because I like the ability to set up my print table which is 4 X 8. It is so huge Judith and I can barely move around it. While working on the landscape series I set up one of my folding tables which is 30" X 66". I could move around in the kitchen, fold laundry on it, have it be a "stopping off spot" while preparing food and it wasn't in my way - much. I thought if I had an island 2' X 4 ' that would be perfect.

I started doing an internet search and found one a woman had made and the wood only cost her $31. I went to the lumber yard and got a quote. It was over $120. Now I was MAD. 

I am preparing for the Maine Event and was working in the Art Greenhouse when I spotted this old bottom of an IKEA hutch from so long ago, I can't even remember what house I had it in. Portland??

Any way it was kind of small ( 19' X 36" ) but the top look great and it had drawers. THEN I remembered I had an old stand I used in so many places throughout my life and I still hadn't painted the bottom. I do have another just like it that I had painted and I am using it next to my sewing machine. Any how...

I brought in both pieces and primed and painted the small stand. Next I sanded the tops with a 40 year old Makita random orbital sander when suddenly chucks of the pad started flying off. The rubber pad that holds the sandpaper had rotted over the years. I just kept going (after taking it outside) and it looked OK. Then I used some Minwax stain. You see, this is where I made a wrong turn. You can't poly it with water based poly over an oil stain. Needless to say the tops are a MESS, the sander is pretty much dead and a new Makita sander is $69. and a new pad is $49. I switched my search to just plain random orbital sanders and found a Black & Decker for $24. with almost all 5 starts (670 owner feedback). Now I am waiting til Wednesday when that bad boy gets here. Expect an amazing "island" like creation 19" X 48".

11 August 2017

I know, I know

I have been on a book cover binge and I know I have to stop. This is a last one for a while (I hope).

Yes, these are cut offs from Blueberry Fields

09 August 2017

100 Dresses project

About a year ago Judith found this project on a blog and we decided to give it a go. Of course I bit off more than I could chew and missed the deadline. Now I've gotten an email and there will be another installation in Boston so I have a chance to redeem myself.

I have finished my dress and will be posting it tomorrow.

07 August 2017

and there's more........

While I was making the book covers for yesterday's post, I decided to make a quick cover for this UGLY loose leaf binder. OMG, I LOVE it.

This was old fabric I really couldn't find a use for but there was just something about the orange and indigo that I loved.

It fits on my lap so nicely and doesn't slip off plus it's no longer ugly!!

Every year bugs eat my Lilly bloosoms except this year. Ordinarily I don't cut them but I wanted to enjoy these up close and smell their musky aroma. What a treat.

04 August 2017

Yes, another book cover

I have conservatively made about 30 of these. Everyone who sees one likes it so they get it. Yeah, I'm that easy of a touch (smile). I actually made these two for my friend for her birthday and she can pick which one she wants. I will go over the process for new comers to this blog but there is a detailed tutorial on how to make the Best EVER book covers here.

a snow dye from yesteryear

A LWI dye done for a workshop. I hardly used ANY of the over 28 half yards of fabrics I dyed

Quilt the top to a felt backing

Trim after measuring the book and after quilting (shrinkage). Please see Tutorial for details

The side that make up the pockets for the cover. Rolled hem  wrong side up.

Yes, I know it looks weird but raw (no hem) panel right side down OVER the side pockets

Another view

The book cover turned inside out and ironed



The second book cover front 

and back

                      How to get the book cover on a hardback book.

02 August 2017

Blueberry fields (Landscape #3)

It seems the followers on the blog were in agreement with my choice of horizon and foreground. I do like this combo. Now the assembly.

I trimmed around the edges of the fabric and pinned the top to the bottom

 and stitched

I pinned it to the backing following this tutorial here