28 June 2017

26 June 2017

Try out

I am auditioning some fabric for a piece I really don't care about. It's a bit too realistic for my taste but I made SIX of the skies with trees so just for the heck of it, I will make one landscape. It can't hurt.

These are just a few of the fabrics I am auditioning.

23 June 2017

Let's see what fits

These are two foregrounds up again the same horizon. I also have another horizon that looks the same with the same hues but darker.

Which foreground do you like better?

21 June 2017

Foregrounds washed, ironed and finished (almost)

These first two were not re-dyed after this wash-out.

This came out a very light intensity. Needs more work.

This is possibly the ugliest fabric I ever made. Each layer added more "ugliness" to it. Ironically I am cutting off the left strip to actually use.

These were the pieces I put big wax dots on to hold the color off so that I could add a different color after washing. Here they are in their last two stages: 

This first one was quite a light green, almost limey. I later added "bubble gum" dots then over dyed the entire piece in a medium olive bath. to knock down that light green.

This piece gave me one of the best outcomes in that I used both dark green and olive together to get that vari-color. I will use this technique again.

The dots didn't add much but, oh well.

                               I am actually using this (above) foreground in my first finished "horizon"

This was a really wide piece so I did half purple and turquoise and the other purple and pink. I may use the turquoise half. I don't think I will repeat the "DOT" experiment again...

19 June 2017

More foregrounds

Another wonderful day of play with thickened dye. I made some preliminary sketches and notes yesterday when I had a few minutes and I was anxious to get started. I did "all these things" before starting thinking after "all that" it was about 8:30. It was 6:35. I stopped at 10:40 to go out to lunch with Brian and this is what I made in those hours.

Sketchbook notes and watercolor sketches from yesterday

First go at a solid immersion dyed background. The dots were waxed to keep the color of the background off the dots and tomorrow I will dye the dots pink or purple.

Dried on the line - not even rung out. I will use boiling water to remove the wax, wash, iron and add the pink or purple dye.

These dots will also be colored. I will determine color after holding it up to various horizons to see which colors the foreground may enhance. 

A new kinder gentler olive. Hope it holds up.

This is is STILL so busy that I think it is beyond help. After washing and drying I will hold it up to some of the horizons.

Inside while wet.

16 June 2017

OK, just looking

I am "just looking" although I think one I'll start actually making into a finished piece is the second one. On this first one I need to create some sort of darker horizon line that will perk this up OR I can scrap making it for now.

This one I absolutely love and I also have another horizon just like this one but in more vivid colors. I may end up using that but at least I know the two pieces look OK together. Actually they look better than OK.

14 June 2017

Meanwhile something else

I previously LWI dyed this Goodwill shirt and having gotten my thermofax screen out I decided to screen on my feather screen with turquoise ProChem fabric paint. No great shakes but it was fun.