26 September 2016

Indigo (part 1)

As you know I cancelled the Maine Event for lack of interest this year. My friend Judith said we should get together and spend "that Saturday" playing in an indigo vet. Another friend came up from Boston and we dipped the day away. Loads of fun was had by everyone.

Judith working on a shibori 

Hot wax station for batik

Indigo vat station

Friend's shibori

The chiffon again

My friend from Boston with clamped shibori

Silk chiffon that started hot pink, yellow, purple, blue and any other garrish colors you can think of

Judith twisting points before the big dip.

Kind of like this

Two pieces of really ugly fabric that came out better after shibori. 

Another old experiment that needed help.

This was from a blog I did on silk screens. I just dipped it whole (no folds) into the indigo.


A huge piece of HEAVY canvas. Maybe a bag??

23 September 2016

clean up cloth

Left over thickened (and slightly dried up) dyes

one end

Other end


These last two are the reverse side which is actually nicer

21 September 2016

Cleaning Up

I'm not even sure if this will work but I have some thickened dyes sitting at room temperature for 5 days drying out and I will try to do something rather than toss them.

The mess that I brought home from the workshops

Thickened dyes that maybe I can do something with??

and PS here is the quilted table cover in dappled light. Beautiful

19 September 2016

Finally Finished

This small quilt has been sitting (laying) on my work table pinned and rolled waiting for me. I taught three workshops at Fiber College and had company from Seattle the same weekend. My mistake. Hectic just doesn't cover it!! Well the table cover is done and on the table.

I decided to use this variegated purples thread for the quilting.

This is the quilting process. The puppy was asleep at my feet (so cute)

This is the top completely quilted but not yet trimmed. Owen is supervising.

Trimmed and the binding on. I know the BRIGHT turquoise is a bit off putting but it's the backing and doesn't really show and it was free.

On the table

15 September 2016

Rail fence

I thought I had posted these pictures but I can't find the post so here it goes.

I sewed the 1.5" X 4.5" strips together into a 4 patch block. I used like colors for each block then laid them out in a nice pattern giving me a flow of colors. I ran out of squares to make this a square by 3 blocks. I went into my hand dyed stash and found a color that blended well and made 4 four patch blocks. Can you see them????

This is all stitched, pinned and ready to quilt. I am doing this today so Monday I should have pictures of the finished piece. The binding is cut and ironed at the top of the picture.

09 September 2016

Kiki is here

All 18 lbs of her

This is our attempt at housebreaking. So far so good.

07 September 2016

Started a new sketchbook

I decided to put the "My Home" sketchbook aside for a while. The huge format (12" X 18" spread) is a bit daunting. Note to self: stay A5 size. The new sketchbook is one I bought from the Kemshalls. I love the weight, texture and the way it handles water. The first page is my intro page. It is a photo cut in half with the other half sketched in.