24 February 2017

Technique # 18 Quilting with paper

Sorry about the blurry image. For some reason my camera wouldn't focus.

A rectangular sheet the size of a two-page spread is under the needle with my first triangle of folded paper

Here it is with all the shapes sewn on to the backing rectangle.

I know it is hard to see but this is the sheet gessoed and with the stitches covered with oil pastel

I missed a step in pictures. This is the spread colored with watercolors and a few acrylic painted spots.

Here is the finished spread with colored pencil marks and dots and x's in correction fluid.

This is the back.

23 February 2017

Technique #17 - Using Negative space

I thought this would be a really interesting experiment. It's an experiment when you have no idea what you are doing. I started out painting the spread black.

You can see the faint pencil lines which I soon lost track of. This was a huge failure

Not that I am trying to shift blame but I think I might have had more success if I had thicker more lightly pigmented paints. Maybe I am kidding myself. I am going to give it another try using pastels on black paper. We'll see how that works....then I give up.

22 February 2017

Technique #16 I have no idea what to call it - maybe coloring graphic sketches

I got this idea from some IKEA fabric I bought years ago and used to cover a bulletin board

Here is the paper with the sketches roughly done in pencil.

The stetches done in permanent ink. Then I erased my pencil lines.

Credit card to the rescue. I am MAD about acrylic paint and credit cards. Help me I can't stop!!!!

21 February 2017

Technique #15 Free motion stitching plus

I started out just to do a sheet of free motion stitching and got carried away. I started with a light  pencil mark just denoting what direction I should be moving.  After doing the leaves I decided to add the berries. This was a separate sheet I had to paste in when I was done.

I think you can see the light pencil mark

Close up of the stitching

Oil pastels added because I couldn't stop myself

Wash of watercolors. I know, OK now I'm done for today

20 February 2017

Technique #14 Stamp collage

I keep thinking up techniques to try and I am running out of days. This is a quickie made from used stamps. It's a bit tedious and fiddly but worth at least one page.

19 February 2017

more finished pages

Just a few more finished pages

This is a cautionary tale. When using water soluble pencils or pastels don't spray them with a mister. Chaos ensues.

Water soluble oil pastels.

After a hopeless attempt to mop up running color. Things didn't have to end this way. A wet brush would have produced good results.

I even darkened the colors a bit more after this picture. They looked a bit anemic.

VERY happy with these results. These are stamps I carved years ago.

18 February 2017

More finished pages

I used my "bacon plastic" stencil to use up some pink and purple paint before I washed out the round foam pouncer.

Below are rubbings that I "fixed" with hairspray so they wouldn't smear.

I like the swirly background in watery watercolors.