25 July 2016

My home

This spread contains two previously painted watercolors. One is my house and the other my backyard.

Remember you can click twice for 2X enlargements 

This is a "bird's eye view of my house.

And then I made a pocket to keep an photo copies or ephemera safe.

22 July 2016

Small Format Sketchbook

This is a smaller format sketchbook about 6" X 9" pages. The cover is a monoprint I made in black acrylic paint then colored with acrylic paint scraped on with a credit card. I like it.

Book board and paper for signatures

Gluing on paper for the covers



Golden yellow waxed linen thread

Both books finished

20 July 2016

Large format sketchbook

I decided to make 2 new sketchbooks for a workshop I am taking from the Kemshalls. This is a 9" X 12" sketchbook. I just LOVED this paper and the yummy orange thread I used to stitched it.

Medium weight watercolor paper

Folded and stacked into signatures

Book Board

Paper glued on and covered with waxed paper


Love that orange waxed linen thread

18 July 2016

The Garmin Lady

I love any electronic doodad that comes down the pike. One thing I never thought I needed was a Garmin GPS. When I flew to Columbus, Ohio, I rented a car and drove to Wisconsin the next day. During the week I drove to many places and had no idea how to get there. I have a smart phone but don't really like the GPS apps so I broke down and bought a Garmin. I am now in love with the Garmin lady. She takes me every where I want to go and I have free map updates for life. Does it get any better? I can't believe it has taken me this long to get one.

When I got home I had three separate piece: The Garmin screen, the charger and hook, and the sand bag mount that sits on the dash board or in my case, the passenger seat. Now I needed a neat container to store the pieces.

Yes, the screen is in an old sock. The sandbag mount is brilliant

This is a piece of Laura Kemshall's fingerprint fabric. Doesn't it look like a desert landscape?

Folded in half and ironed

 Opened with some batting

This may not look like it but this variegated thread worked perfectly for the quilting.

The Garmin lady's new home

15 July 2016

Putting the Blue Book to bed

After saying that I almost always finish what I start, I am putting the Blue Book to bed, as in throwing it in the trash can. The main reason is that the pages (3 and 4 sheets thick) stitched together are too thick and the pages themselves are hard to work on. Had I started in a "normal" watercolor sketchbook, I don't think I would be stopping. Anyhow as soon as I get my package of art supplies from the Kemshalls, I am starting their Sketchbook Workshop. Meantime, here are some of the pages I started in the Blue Book, never to be seem again.

There are some damsel flies

 This is a sheet of tracing paper from another post that I smeared paint on with a credit card - a favorite tool.

And here I had folded the tracing paper over onto the next sheet and I was going to continue the design/color across another 2 page spread.

Night night Blue Book.

14 July 2016

Addendum to the black box

I came into the room and glanced at the black box. It wasn't until then that I realized I had not done kantha stitching on the top panel. Fortunately I was able to rip the panel off even though I used E6000. I stitched the back ground and now the box is unified.

13 July 2016

The Black Box Finished

It might take me a while but I almost always finish what I started. Here is the first post where you saw the box.
I started out with plans to paint the box but that was a total failure. It had to do with the paint. Then I came up with this crazy idea of embroidering the same designs onto wool suiting that I embroidered onto the cotton book cover from the first post. I like to have something to work on in front of the TV at night because if my hands are busy making something, they are not stuffing food into my mouth (smile).

This is the cloth "Kantha" stitched book from the Dorothy Caldwell workshop at the Crow Barn.

This is my design drawn on to the wool suiting with a white chalk pen. I also stitched a quick running stitch in thin cotton thread to denote the corners. Came in handy when gluing it down.

Paper Patterns

Embroidery finished (and out of focus)

My handmade upholstery hammer, pins like we used in the 60's and some E6000 (with a credit card to spread it)

Glue on

Start of the fabric strip with hammered in pins holding it n place. Always thinking!!

Wrapping it on the "dotted line".

Top in place

Box finished.

I am very pleased with the way this turned out. With Crows and Pine trees, how can you do wrong!