06 October 2014

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

I was asked to teach an indigo dyeing workshop by some friends in the Bar Harbor area. I'm not sure how much of a teacher I was since I didn't make the indigo vats. Our hostess, Lynn, made both a pre-reduced and a "from scratch" vat. I did show some shibori resists including my favorite - the vinyl air vent.

 Here is the piece with the vinyl air vent.

I also used a rope on this rayon scarf

And Plexiglas rectangles held closed with rubber bands on this rayon scarf

I didn't manage to get permission to use photos of anyone but this doesn't show identifiable faces

Our indigo "blueing" in a tree

Our string removal center

Boy, you want to talk about fun!!  I just wish I didn't have to run home so quickly. I can't wait to do this again.

03 October 2014

Back home From the Crow Barn

I am home for a week before I go to Malta to visit my son and his family then on to Amsterdam. Before I go and leave you with pre-scheduled posts, I just wanted to tell you what a "creative" life changing experience I had at Nancy Crow's Barn in my workshop with Terry Jarrard Dimond. I actually had no idea what this workshop would be like. I've been to workshops where the presenter showed you how to make quilts like her. I actually walked out of an expensive workshop like that.

This workshop was called Design Boot Camp and that's exactly what we learned - the principles and elements of design. Since you can simply look these up online, I am not giving away any arcane information.

Elements: Line, Shape/Form, Color, Value, Texture, Space/Perspective.

Principles: Pattern, Rhythm/Movement, Proportion/Scale,Balance, Unity, Emphasis.

Being an older person, I have been reading these elements for years but never knew how to apply them. Terry made learning so easy. Now, I'm not saying I got this right away because I didn't but I am starting to get it and see it in a "workable" way now.

We spent a lot of time doing exercises which I won't be posting but I will post the last four "fabric sketches" I made. The first two are about 20 X 20 and the last 2 about 14 X 20.

I am so looking forward to developing some ideas I have as soon as I get back at the end of October. I certainly hope I have the opportunity to study with Terry again!!

01 October 2014

An announcement

I will be in Amsterdam Oct 15 to 21. I actually leave the 22nd but midday. If anyone would care to visit, please let me know. I will be attending the DIY school on Sunday and all other days will be mostly museums and galleries.

29 September 2014

More Fingerprint fabrics and some odds and ends

This is the second order from Fingerprint. I must have missed the blue hydrangeas the first time. I bought both the large poplin and small cotton. I also bought the poppies picture Laura featured on DMTV a few weeks ago. She did some interesting surface design techniques on this panel. Mine is the large poplin. Last but definitely not least is Laura's paint box work apron. I've been drooling over this since the first time I laid eyes on it. I didn't realize it is all marked out with straps and pockets. Very clever. I will have to model it after I sew it.


When Laura was here she mentioned a woman made her a felted "egg" to keep her pins in. She said they would always be sharp because the lanolin in the wool would lubricate the needles. I remembered I had a felted "head" a friend made for me years ago. It is now my newest pin cushion!

 Above is a ghost print of the insects and a stamping of leaves which actually came out much better than the original print

The new bigger (12X18) homemade permanent gelli printing plate. It is on the plastic side of this paper that the ice shield roofing product came with. Nice stuff!

26 September 2014

Printing with Laura day 3

So these are the totally unexpected print offs on paper in my sketchbook plus the masks I used which I am saving for collage work in my sketchbook.

I forgot to put a spacer between these pages and they stuck together. The paper tore in bits when I slowly pulled them apart. Too bad because this was one of my faves!!

24 September 2014

Printing with Laura day 2

These are the fabric prints I made using the homemade gelli. I was the first to start and it didn't take long to realize "this" was not going to work.

I started with dark fabric (no) and used a complimentary color (no). The transparent paint made the fabric look dirty, muddy.

OK, so don't do that again. Then I stumbled onto layering like Judith did on paper. I love the results.

Making areas of the plate with gold paint used

This was a print I made of the insect stamps - boring - so I did another layer. Laura thought it looked like hieroglyphics.

I took a piece of fabric big enough to cover the gelli twice. I took a print and a ghost print. The print above was a ghost print - very faint- then I added the strips from a mask I cut.

Although not terribly successful, it IS a start. A few are OK and others need a bit more work. However you rate it, it was so much fun.

The ProFab paint dried quickly and we never smeared. LOTS of fun!!