04 May 2016


I broke my arm two days ago - April 27 and will have surgery today (29th). bad break, Horizontal break below ball at the shoulder and vertical break of ball - dominant hand of course. Getting metal plate and lots of screws. The neuropathy in my feet and hands from chemo makes items just fall from my hands and I stumble a lot. Kind of suspected this day might come after so many stumbles plus I walk 5 miles a day. 

I did finish the batik quilt and as soon as I can get it photographed, I will post it. Hopefully with the metal plate holding the shifting bones in place, I will heal quickly.

I also want to thank Diane for sharing her really wonderful quilt. What a creative design. And isn't it wonderful that we can "meet" such nice people though our blogs.

I'll be back soon.

02 May 2016

A guest: Diane from the UK

Hi I'm Diane and I live in Worcestershire England having recently relocated from Surrey

south of London, although I originated from Toronto, Canada. Although I have sewn for

most of my life for one reason or another I was inspired to start quilting in 1984 after

watching a television series on quilting hosted by Penny McMorris. I started out learning

the basics of traditional quilting and now I like to make contemporary and art quilts. I

belong to the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and I also belong to a local Contemporary

Quilt group as well as another local group.

The quilt pictured was inspired by the QAYG tutorial on this blog Sewsewart. It has been

made for my daughter-in- law who picked out all the brown and compatible fabrics from my

stash. It is for her brown leather settee. I wanted to have a pattern that would showcase

all the different blocks based on the log cabin design using the traditional shape as well as

Court House Steps, Square in Square and some random strip blocks to form the shape.

When I had placed all the blocks an O shape emerged and then I used the Square in

Square and Court House Steps as a connection to the outside blocks.

I chose the QAYG method as it allowed me to quilt each block individually, therefore

making the final construction as easy as possible. It was challenging to make every block

different but the process on the tutorial was easy to follow and quite fun. It was lovely to

work with so many different fabrics and use up so many scraps. The results as you can

see were worth the effort so give it a go!

Click to enlarge

29 April 2016

Trip part 2

At the underground connector from the West to East buildings of the National Gallery. You can see the waterfall and pyramidal shaped sky lights. I have an above ground photo further down.

Symphony in White No.1

Salvador Dali's Last Supper. YES, Salvador Dali!! This piece is unforgettable.


Rotunda with Mercury

A visiting Exhibit


Tortilla Maker

Night Welders. These are ALL prints.

The sign called this The Railroad but the real title is Gare Saint-Lazare. This is part of the permanent collection in the French Impressionist section. I bought a print of this when I was in high school and I've brought it with me everywhere I've lived. It is hanging in my house now and is probably my favorite painting. When I stood in front of it I started to tear up. I LOVE this Manet.

Goldsworthy installation.

Calder. This piece is HUGE and hangs third floor level in the East Building

Pedestrian tunnel with Light Installation (the lights moved)

This is above the underground connector

Last day spent at the Smithsonian Castle Gardens. Fabulous

Moon Garden 

Freer and Sackler Galleries. The Sackler are 3 stories down in the ground. I saw a special exhibit called Turquoise Mountain. It was the name of an organization that has brought medical, educational, restoration (houses), and career/skills to Afghanistan. What a fabulous exhibit. The had silk/wool rugs, pottery, jewelry making and so much more.

The Sackler is three of these ground level entrances and all three galleries are connected by tunnels. The other two were Asian and African American art.

Amazing Silk Screen above and Dyes below. I had to get Dyes in there somewhere.

27 April 2016

Trip to DC

This past week I went on a trip to DC paid for by my brother, Eric. You all remember ERIC!!. For a couple of years I wanted to go back to DC where I grew up and spend a few days in the galleries and museum and doing some watercolor sketches. This was the dream trip I always wished I could do. I was there for 7 days and visited with my high school girlfriend, daughter, and had brunch with my cousins and even visited the cemeteries.

China Town

SAAM Smithsonian American Art Museum formerly known as the National Portrait Gallery.

Sean Skully

Quilter from Brooklyn.

Love this quote

Coyote with Turtle

An amazing Remington

Dinner at a Thai place. This was rolls of fabric.

The Hirshorn

An assemblage of flint. They looked like bones.

The artist was there actually painting this on the walls while I was there.

Robert Irwin: fascinating exhibit and probably my fave.

The power of print as graphics

Pilgrimage to IKEA. A must on every trip.